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For any doctor, staying aware of and educated about the latest medical technology and research is essential to providing the best possible care and treatment for patients. Dr. Schellack’s list of publications and presentations illustrate his contributions to the field of vascular surgery and to the practice of medicine at large. We hope to link some of the following publication and presentations titles to their full texts so that, in the future, you can read some of Dr. Schellack’s contributions to medical literature.


Schellack, J, Fulenwider JT, Olson RA, Smith RB, Mansour K. The Carotid Sinus Syndrome: A Frequently Overlooked Cause of Syncope in the Elderly. Journal of Vascular Surgery 1986; 4:376-383.

Schellack, J, Smith RB, Perdue GD. Femoral Aneurysm: Sentinel of Comorbid Disease (Abstract). Southern Medical Journal 1986; 79 (Supplement Number 2): 70.

Schellack J, Smith RB, Salam A, Perdue GD. Non-operative Management of Selected Popliteal Aneurysms. Arch. Surg.; 1987; 122:372-375.

Schellack J, Salam A, Abouzeid MA, Smith RB, Stewart MT, Perdue GD. Femoral Anastomotic Aneurysms: A Continuing Challenge. Journal of Vascular Surgery 1987; 6:308-17.

Schellack J, Fulenwider JT, Smith RB. Descending Thoracic Aortofemoral-femoral Bypass: A Remedial Alternative for the Failed Aortobifemoral Bypass. Journal of Cardiovasc Surgery; 29:201-03, 1988.

Schellack J, Stewart MT, Smith RB, Perdue GD, Salam A. Infected Aorto-bifemoral Prosthesis: A Dreaded Complication. American Surgeon; 1988; 3:137-41.

Woods JM, Schellack JV, Stewart MT, Murray DR, Schwartzman, SW. Mycotic Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Induced by immunotherapy with Bacille Calmete-Guerin Vaccine for Malignancy. Journal of Vascular Surgery; 1988; Vol. 3, 6:808-810.

Rheudasil JM, Stewart MT, Schellack JV, Smith RB, Salam AA, Perdue GD. Surgical Treatment of Chronic Mesenteric Arterial Insufficiency. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 1988; 8:495-500.

Jones TR, Frusha JD, Schellack JV. Traumatic Occupational Occlusive Arterial Disease of the Hands. Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society, 1988; 140:28-31.

Schellack JV, Jones TR, Frusha JD, Deumite NJ: Chronic Femoral Arteriovenous Fistula Masquerading as the Postphlebitic Syndrome. Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society, 1991; 143:22-27.

Abshire JB, Frusha JD, Jones TR, Schellack JV: Demonstration of Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome by Duplex Ultrasound. Journal of Vascular Technology, 1992; 16(1):39-42.

Khan AR, Blackwell LM, Stafford SJ, Thompson AD, Romero RJ, Goodier CD, Kwan D, Khan IR, Schellack JV, Perkowski PE: Femororenal arteriovenous graft: a viable option for hemodialysis access. Ann Vasc Surg. 2008 Jan;22(1):136-9. Epub 2007 Dec 4.


Presentations at Professional Meetings

“Descending Thoracic Femoral Bypass.” October 1985. Surgery Grand Rounds Emory School of Medicine.

“Carotid Sinus Syndrome: A Frequently Overlooked Origin of Syncope in the Elderly.” January 1986. The Southern Association of Vascular Surgery. Dorodo Beach, Puerto Rico.

“Popliteal Arterial Aneurysms.” May 1986. The 10th Annual Meeting of the Association of VA Surgeons. Washington, D.C.

“Femoral Aneurysm: Sentinel of Co-morbid Disease.” November 1986. The 80th Annual Scientific Assembly of the Southern Medical Association. Atlanta, GA.

“Femoral Anastomotic Aneurysms: A Continuing Challenge.” January 1987. The Southern Association of Vascular Surgery. Scottsdale, Arizona.

“Mycotic Aortic Aneurysm.” March 1987. Surgery Grand Rounds, Emory School of Medicine.

“Infected Aortobifemoral Prosthesis: A Dreaded Complication.” April 1987. The Southeastern Surgical Congress. Atlanta, GA.

“What’s New in Vascular Surgery.” August 15, 1989. Lane Memorial Hospital. Zachary, LA.

“A 30-Year-Old with Recurrent Leg Ischemia.” October 14, 1989. Gulf Coast Vascular Society. New Orleans, LA.

“Hypercoagulable State in Young Male.” Emory Vascular Society. Atlanta, Georgia. Nov., 1989.

“A 30-Year-Old with Recurrent Leg Ischemia.” November 4, 1989. Emory Vascular Society. Atlanta, GA.

“Angioscopy and Laser Angioplasty and Mechanical Atherectomy.” January 6, 1990. Nurses, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. Baton Rouge, LA.

“AV Fistula Masquerading As The Postphlebitic Syndrome.” May 10-12, 1990. The Phlebology Society of America. Chicago, IL.

“Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.” June 14, 1990. Baton Rouge General Medical Center, Emergency Room Staff. Baton Rouge, LA.

“Current Management of Aortic Vascular Disease.” August 8, 1990. Staff Physicians, Vencor Hospital. Gonzales, LA.

“Traumatic AV Fistula Masquerading as the Postphlebitic Syndrome.” October 27, 1990. Gulf Coast Vascular Society Meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana.

“AV Fistula Masquerading as the Postphlebitic Syndrome.” November 2-3, 1990. Emory Vascular Society. Atlanta, GA.

“Limb Salvage in Octogenarians.” January 19, 1991. Joint Annual Meeting, Louisiana Chapter American college of Surgeons and the Surgical Association of Louisiana. New Orleans, LA.

“Use of Cadaveric Vein for Distal Bypass.” October 22-23, 1993. Emory Vascular Society. Atlanta, GA.

“Thromboembolic Disease in Pregnancy.” November 4, 1994. Staff Physicians, Woman’s Hospital. Baton Rouge, LA.